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Welcome To PARK & GROVE Pharmacy

We know how difficult it is to make the trip to the hospital every time to fill out a routine prescription. The long commute, the longer waiting line and the daily grind of work do not mix well – especially when you are not feeling well yourself or worrying about a loved one back home.

But an answer to all your worries is with us. At Rapid Pharmacy, a Houston based retail pharmacy; we focus on making the lives of everyone around us better – not only by supplying the much needed medicines but also by efficient, prompt and reliable service.

Our Moto

Our motto of ‘putting patients first’ has been the cornerstone of our philosophy from the day we started our venture in the city of Houston. At our stores, you will find expert, trained, polite staff personally talk to you every time you walk in and spend time to not only fill the prescription but also respond to any queries without fail.

Easily accessible to the residents, the pharmacy prides itself on efficient operations resulting in minimum delay in filling the prescription with care taken to ensure the importance and use of each drug is understood by the customer.

In case you reach home and realize there is a question you forgot to ask, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Since we have all the prescriptions updated in our database, we would be able to address your concerns promptly.

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Wide Insurance coverage

We work with more 350 insurance companies and services providers to give you wide coverage.

Free Home Delivery

We offer free home delivery for your refills and others requirements.

Individualized Personal Care

You have unique needs so we offer the best individualized personal care and support.

Well Stocked Pharmacy

Our Well stocked Retail Pharmacy have medicines from all the major Pharmaceutical companies.

Experienced Pharmacists

Our Experienced and well trained pharmacists will offer you the best in the pharmacy field

Committed Care

We strive to work along with you for your speedy recovery and restoration of your health.

It is these qualities that set us apart from others in the industry, making us the preferred choice among the doctors who feel assured that their patients will be taken care of at Rapid Pharmacy. We take great pride in this faith reposed in us and remain committed to providing quality services at the most affordable rates to people in the community.

Maintaining quality health is a joint responsibility of all of us – citizens, doctors and of course, your trusted local pharmacy. It is this commitment that drives us to think of innovative ways and means to constantly improve our services to help us all remain healthy and happy.

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